Saturday, July 30, 2011


Chhod aaye hain woh galiyaan
jahaan kabhi yaadein banaai thi
ab toh unki tasveer dekh kar bhi
ummeed nahi jaagti

Sunday, July 17, 2011

For Harry Potter

I shivered when he walked with Nagini
I clutched my seat when they travel across Gringotts
I feared for Neville's life when the bridge started crumbling. I yelled 'Run Neville Run' in the theatre...
I knew Harry would save Draco. It was the most right thing to do...
I wept when Snape said " Its always been about Lily"
I loved when Dumbledore says that things imagined are also real
I loved when Dumbledore says " Pity the living who live without love"
I cheered and whooped with joy when the Gryffindor sword mutilates Nagini
I liked that Snape was a hero in the end. However misunderstood he was
Its beautiful that Snape's tears told the story in the Pensieve
Its also beautiful that an idea in a writer's mind has created a new vocabulary and a new form of employment for people the world over...
The most beautiful thing : the applause the movie got in the end. Spontaneous, real and with so many sniffs in the background

I am glad that I lived in the generation that grew up with this phenomenon called Harry Potter. Thank you, J.K.Rowling for giving me a childhood.