Wednesday, August 31, 2011


In a conversation with S, I asked him about men impressing girls. He gave me a list of things that he does.

And then in my usual avatar, I wondered and pondered and thought about it.

It then struck me that the only way to impress a girl is to not impress her. Apart from the usual chivalry and manners that men put on display, the best way is to be yourself. 

Because at some point in the future you would want the girl to deal with your reality right? And its not like girls don't realize that men are impressing them. We find it cute, but somewhere it needs to stop. Somewhere the core should begin. 
Unless of course you just want to create an impression.


Partha Sharma said...

good and sweet...i like the part where you say that you after a some point in time have to deal with the guy's reality...sweet..!!!

raghu said...

i think, if you really want to be cynical, love is finding that one person for whom can be someone else for your entire life! that way your reality is secure, known just to you. also your reality is very dark.