Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Indian Erotica Blogs

Indian writing has a wide and gaping hole in terms of talent--when it comes to erotica.
Book after book of sorry Indian fiction makes its way to the Indian fiction shelves, and is thrown into the trashcan. I want to talk about the Indian culture and history of kamasutra and the temple structures, but I know its repetitive.
Instead, I extended my search for good Indian erotic writing to blogs. And was left whooping with delight when a friend shared some exciting links. I devoured all of these blogs and was left wanting for more.

Sample some here Mi Ramya Ranee and Enjundia

If not the fiction writers atleast the blogger junta is doing a fabulous job of erotic writing.


Badri said...

Found this blog via DP. Quite interesting blog I should say and gr8 job in finding these erotic blogs, refreshing read.....

www.escortclub69.com said...

A really good data base when it comes to sex. I think that people should be aware of the indian importance when it comes to this business.