Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Blank Noise Project

Rashmi walked down the steps of her office. She was in no particular hurry today. Samir was coming to pick her up and for those few minutes of wait, she let her train of thoughts wander to the romantic dinner they were going to have tonight. Little did she know that the disruption to her flow of thoughts would be a HAND. It would come out of nowhere, feel her breasts and disappear into the darkness of the night. The HAND...

Aarti fiddled with her hair and starightened her sharara. For a 12 year old, marriages brought with them fun, loads of goodies and newclothes. She was no different. She was looking demure and delicate with all the makeup, just like a blooming flower. Simply because Renu Didi had given her the permission to apply lots of makeup!! Oh what fun it was to dress like grownups!!
Akshay jeeju was staring and grinning at her through the slightly open door..She felt a sense of dread..Behind that look of concern and that smile, was a devilno one knew about...He was such an amazing jeeju..Gave her lots of gifts and advice..and asked for nothing in return..except an ADULT KISS....

Ayesha stood at the busstop and kept looking at her watch. Her hijab and burkha kept her closed from the outside world. Bhai and Abbu had said that this was an easy way to stop all the teasing that kafir girls faced. Thankfully the purdah was her barrier to the outside world. Still; clothes hardly mattered in a city like Mumbai, where men were supposed pounce like vultures on anything that seemed remotedly female. Her fears came true when she got into the bus. Her gut instinct kept giving her warning signals, to get off the next time. She didnt heed them ..afterall she had the burkha....the six voices started singing...some rubbishy hindi song which under normal situation she would've LOVED to hum....the lewdness was embedded in the song ....The SONG...

Isn't it funny, how seemingly innocuous things like a hand, a kiss and a song can become instruments of terror. Terror in the minds of a woman, mind you ( Men can only associate terror with weapons!) . Isn't it funny how we keep talking of freedom, equality and justice and the infringement of all these things, happens every single day. How we keep panning the judiciary about its pending cases, but feel scared to scream at the man across the street who sings loud songs everytime we go to college. Which is why every woman, voiceless or otherwise, should join The Blank Noise Project .
Why should a man join it? So that when a woman the age of your mother, sister or friend is being teased and harassed on the road you won't stand mum and will take some initiative.
Else, simply join because you care.

Can you imagine a world without men? No crime and lots of happy fat women. ~Nicole Hollander


stuffedgoofie! said...

very true.. thanks a bunch.. am joining it too.. now dats obvious..
greta work rehab.. keep it up girl!

sagnik said...

Ok... I'm posting my comment a touch late but thought i must. Rehab, I wish to see ur name on the marquee as a writer some day... and i hope u'll gimme some place to dedicate a preface to you.. amazing to say the least... keep it going!

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